Sunday, March 11, 2012

something new is going down

Wow! Ahh...Thank you relief. I started meditating as a result of taking Erich Schiffmann's Freedom style yoga workshop at Kripalu last week for my birthday. What a treasure trove meditation has been these last few days. I feel like I am opening up spaces in myself that are rich with help from my own, precious but very everyday guides. I address them as my good friends. They are those that have always been there and who I have repeatedly ignored. It is okay to have lost touch but Jesus am I happy to have consciously connected with them again. It is like everywhere I look I realize i can have what I want. As a result, I am more open to what is. I have stopped pushing against some shit that I thought was the thing that said I couldn't have what I want. It is not what that meant. It didn't mean that. It was just some thing I didn't want. That's all.

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