Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I can know

I was just thinking about how I can know what I want to do next. I can kind of sniff inside myself, metaphysically speaking, and know the scented trail of what is that I am wanting. Just a week ago I didn't recognize this in myself. I am thrilled with the newly awakened awareness that I can ask for guidance. I can say, "Hey you inside. What is next?" That is how this very post occurred. It is like all of my insides soften up, and I feel the rising of the question and next, the answer. It is very relaxing. Thank you self. You are sweet to be here so close to me. I am kind of shyly asking, where is the money? Then stating, you show me where to turn and where to go. It is nice, it is soft but I feel how I have not done this before. Let myself ask and expect in such a way. I can get really good at this.

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