Friday, March 9, 2012

reveling in anger a little bit

This is a place where I write the weirdness and the possibly inappropriate because I think only 2 or so people are reading this. Fuck! I am so pissed, just soaking in anger and tears. I am so pissed that I am not getting what I want on a couple of subjects. I keep thinking that I can kill some thing, some one, some aspect or bit that is in my way. Only in my mind and maybe in a couple of dreams over the years. Shit! Could it be helpful to just allow this to be as it is. Do nothing. Let it wash over me and just say, "yes, you feelings, can come in" instead of the hard no, that it's not right, and it shouldn't be this way. Some tears just piled out and that sweet cry that I make like a river just happened. So, I would say, yes, it is okay to be right here, as I am.

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