Saturday, January 28, 2012

Now, weeks later still, I am aware of this idea of saying that I have something that I want. Extending my mind into the having experience of it. As I walked in the January yet springlike weather I let my mind go forth into the having of money to pursue whims and pleasures like paints, pants, coconut milk, and a vacation to puerto rico. It felt new like the idea of having in my mind first, was just breached. I can fan my mind out into some situation or circumstance. I can say yes I have this! Yes, I am now in Puerto Rico and I love the beach and the calm, warm air of this beautiful street and walkway where shoes are not necessary. I like the steady feeling of being here without doubt. The knowing that money comes easily to me. Not because I labor for it necessarily. I may do nothing at all for it but because I am aware with the tenderest tendrils, of having it. That deft experience of having it. I feel the sensation of having what I have asked for. I feel the avenue of its invention. why not? And I like the culture here and I like the culture of deciding that i have something. i am not waiting to get it right anymore, i am just having what I am wanting. It is the shortcut. It is the next step to simply have it first. There are so many areas where I can simply have what I want because I have stopped reaching forward, for the thought of not having or reacting to the circumstance that says no, it has not yet arrived. I think about it from the having perspective. I feel like I want to just write it over and over again, feeling it against my fingers for exactly what this could mean. It is such a nice way to interact with all those desired elements of myself. it is literally right here. In this word, in the reach of this next thought.

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