Tuesday, December 27, 2011

viaffffound! Now, days later and after xmas. I am at the Patloves. We had the best food. xmas eve dinner included bean tacos from scarlet runner beans that Susie and Les grew, guacamole, Will's hot sauce, shredded lettuce from Susie's hot house garden and a vinegary cabbage salad that I realize I like to suck the taste of. It was really good. For xmas dinner we had lamb from the Patlove homestead with chimichurri, yorkshire pudding, potato and turnip au gratin with Gruyere cheese, Prosecco, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. It was wonderful food. The cookies I brought in red tins with winter scenes were a hit. Chocolate dipped biscotti and almond crescents. I made the cardamom cake for xmas breakfast with two sticks of butter and a cup of coconut oil. It was good but the flavor of the cinnamon instead of cardamom reigned. I will work on that. I think the best moment was at the breakfast table. In a flash, I noticed that the perception of moments are open to being adjusted--from the inside, like a a cosmic motor of a grand clock. I can shift my perception of things like a deep micro turn. A great ease of once hidden movement is easily revealed--all the options of what I want to see and know and feel laid out like a shop selling the wares of mind and life. It was beautiful and brief. Life's skeleton, so clear.

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