Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here I am. The last dream I had when I went back to sleep just because I wanted to lay in bed longer involved Liza Minelli telling me that she was impressed with my art. Thanks Baby. Meanwhile, Eric was taking some dead leaves off of a hydrangea garland I had made. We were in a middle bedroom that you walked through to get to the farther part of the house, perhaps another bedroom. The bedspread was white. Now, awake and happy to be so, the sky is blue with clouds stretched almost lazily about. It is nearly Christmas. I love this week before Christmas, this doughy time that I can burrow into. I am often asking for help from my helpers, my dear non-physical friends. I feel so much more clearly the presence of this life support, really. It has always been there for me and now I get to allow it. Yes!

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