Monday, August 1, 2011


July 15/11
A day of my greatest good as Paul calls it. I can let go of the idea that I am tied up in a knot of frustration. It is not helping me anymore. It was feeling relieving for a few moments there but I am now getting a picture of what I want, allowing and having what I want easily. The smell of lilies and other, yet unknown flowers carried by the wind and sun is so pleasantly present right now in this summertime, this well of july that I have descended into. Slowly, like there was some afternoon I spent meandering down a sloping hill, now in the farthest land of July. I can untether myself from some supposed work. It is really inspiration, pleasurable movement and varied, spectacular specifics. Black raspberries are appearing fully ripe on wild bushes around the yard and along the bike path. I would like to make a good dessert for Susie and Les when they arrive tomorrow. They are coming to see the art show. I think they are going to love it. Maybe I will bring a drawing to cover the grey electrical box panel that is literally, oddly and yet not so visible to me, in the middle of my paintings. Hours later, I sank not just into July and summer itself but into impulses and activities that i had intended to have and do. I feel like time just swept by and I was filled by the delight of having interests and the freedom to pursue and play with them. It has been a seriously awesome morning. I have really made space for myself. I let myself do everything I wanted to so. I feel fulfilled. I posted on all three of my blogs; I watered plants; supported the tomato plants; made a chiropractic appointment; did yoga outside; listened to music; and hung out with the cat. The backdrop of feeling to the activities was one of ease, integrated wealth, and being psyched.

July 29/11
In my breezy, shaded room at noon. I can see the trees moving in the summer wind.

July 31/11
Back in my room, making decision after decision to feel better, more at ease. More loving to myself. I am celebrating the idea that I have clients who I can charge money for my services with such ease. I can ask! I like that I can form a thought into a physical question of someone. A specific asking of what I is a wonderful, simple manifestation. I celebrate it. I celebrate my unique abilities. I see the value of doing just that. In this moment and in the big picture, from a distance. I am laying face down on my bed, lifting and lowering my lower leg. just flopping my foot against the soft foam of my bed. It feels good for my knees and all my joints.

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