Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Monday. Another steamy day--just the way I like it. I was so easily eager and happy on my walk as I almost always am at 9 in the morning. Everything possible. I did just what i wanted to when I got home. Updated my blog and transcribed my writing onto the computer and sent it all to Annie. I was hungry for lunch by the time Will got home at 10:45 after having gotten a tooth pulled. I wandered around a bit, trying to unhook from the idea that there is something specific I need to do while fishing for some inspiration. By the time I got on the money integration call I was right in the center of it all. I asked my question or made my comment first. It was about being at work and feeling angry and finally allowing it. Not trying to cover it up allowed me to feel relief. That general feeling of truly letting go. Feeling re-infused with power and grace. I got more of the story as I chatted with Paul about it. I realize that as I focus on what I prefer, law of attraction does the work of arranging my life into just what I have been asking for. Supreme delight! I pass though the anger, a big fat dose of it, unscathed, and certainly better for it. I really do feel the relief and the ease of knowing more and more what I want, like, appreciate. Ahh...

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