Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just before the lilies bloom en force, a foggy, luscious morning and now a clearing, bright blue sky. I have my individual call with Paul this morning. I am excited to focus on pleasure. Inviting in the idea that I have already made a powerful decision for wealth and well being, over and over again. I love the feeling of clicking into place that such a thought brings. I feel the truth of it. The easy repetition of it. The newly available ease of remembering that I have made the decision to be wealthy, and so it is. It unfolds for me. Right now as I write these words I acknowledge that I did not always know how to write words or even form sentences. I am doing it now with regularity and ease. it feels really good and sincere to celebrate such an effortless feat.


Listening to Pavement, having heard Julia say she listened to them when we visited her in Montreal. I am also eating a strawberry rhubarb tart that Will made yesterday. It is really fucking good. A lot of buttery flavor. Made mostly with rice and teff flour. Very fine grained, unlike a wheat dough but good in a way that I didn't acknowledge fully last night when I ate it before we were going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. We didn't end up watching it. We went outside and Will sat on the lawn while I raked the heavy top layer of cut grass into piles. Just a few layers of it since it is such a large lawn. I want to be at my center right now. In the middle of the summer. At the heart of this moment, of my love for my life, at the delicious understanding that all is well.

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