Saturday, July 28, 2012

deep satisfaction

There is a calming feeling this afternoon. I am aware even as I get bitten by a little black fly on this dog day of summertime, that all is truly well. I mean, deeply, inextricably, crazily awesome. I feel, as I breathe, the delight of this remembering moment. i savor the remembering of this very clear understanding that I am awesome. I am good. i am perfect, no matter what.

the idea of deep satisfaction is right on. I dig being deeply satisfied. I feel like I am always orienting to that exact experience and I can never really be deterred.

the sun just burned through some clouds and I am feeling the reflection of my knowing in the sun against my skin. i love the priestly heat of it. I love just crafting this emotional magic into more and more of what I want it to be. Deep satisfaction pretty much nails it.

It can be anything. Any piece of life, turned open. I am here. I am full of potential.

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