Friday, June 24, 2011

On my walk just now, I sorted out some thoughts. I realized that one of my main interests is pleasure. So, I courted it heavily. I pursued it but, I suppose, softly. I reached for it. I asked for it to be there. I padded around for it, knowing I had put it within my grasp. Oh pleasure, how I absolutely adore you. You are very present for me. Things, thoughts, ideas I had been holding uncomfortably, in contradiction to my pleasure—as I placed myself newly in its sights—fell away enough for me to see how small they are. The discomfort in my knee is temporary. I courted pleasure and we are now dating, on the reg. Everywhere I look, there pleasure is--In the strong breeze, in the raucous harmony of the crows on the ground and into flight, in the long stretches of thought about who I really am and what I like. My body’s health, vibrancy and well being is real and vast, just over the small hill of this present circumstance. I see myself in pleasure’s pink sky, its buttercup-filled field. I love who I am with pleasure on my mind. I love the idea of pleasure. I let it filter my every thought, every image, every movement. I don’t have to change or fix, simply gaze at things through this idea.


  1. I'm just going to post a bit here, get some things going. Why not? I read this story again and I liked it better than ever.

  2. Actually, this was a post for the story before it but since i am here I would like to say that today, again, I dedicate this moment to my own pleasure and while I am at it, leisure.